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Homeowners Insurance Information

Texas is gaining residents every day, and Houston is one of the places they are moving. The city’s average home value is $177,000. However, suburbs like Sugar Land or Katy can see prices surpassing $300,000. With any such investment, you need to protect everything in the home. That means getting targeted homeowners insurance.

Locals can turn to Amco Auto Insurance for all their home insurance needs. With an established reputation in the metro area, we’ve got the expertise to cater to the express needs of all Houstonians.

Why do you need coverage?

You want to live securely in your home. You also don’t want to pour out incalculable funds to repair damage from hazards you least expect. Rather than put yourself in a precarious financial situation, get homeowners coverage. It’ll come in handy at the times you need it most.

If a fire or storm damages your property, your policy can help with repairs. If you experience a break-in, insurance might help you replace possessions. Even if someone gets hurt on the property and sues for the damage, your policy might prove invaluable. At the end of the day, coverage equals security.

Assembling Your Policy

Houston homeowners must take their localized needs into account when getting homeowners coverage. Amco Insurance’s experienced agents can guarantee you receive appropriate protection.

  • Standard homeowners insurance can come with multiple coverage limits. These might include:

o   Property coverage: Insures the structure of the home, as well as the greater property, like outbuildings. Ask your agent to include enough value to replace the property following a total loss.

o   Possessions insurance: Covers personal items like your clothing, electronics and furniture. Endorsements can even cover food or expensive items like jewelry.

o   Liability coverage: Insures damage you cause others. It generally covers property damage and bodily injuries. It might cover losses both on and off your property.

o   Excess costs protection: If you must move out of the house during repairs, this coverage can help pay hotel bills, restaurant costs and similar bills.

  • Renters insurance can contain possessions, liability and, in some cases, excess cost protection. However, it usually doesn’t include structure coverage. If you accidentally cause a fire in your rental property, you can use your liability protection to pay for repairs to the space.
  • In many neighborhoods, particularly in Houston, the risk of flooding is high. However, most standard homeowners policies don’t include flood coverage. Nevertheless, you might need this coverage in critical situations. Talk to your agent about how to get covered. Most policies come backed by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

With so many chances for your home to sustain damage, it’s critical that you get the appropriate coverage. Indeed, many mortgage lenders and landlords require you to carry protection. Don’t hesitate to let one of our agents quote you on some of the most effective policies in the business.

Here When You Need Us

With connections to top-rated insurance providers, Amco Insurance can provide the widest range of home insurance options to residents of Houston and beyond. Let us be your connection to hassle-free coverage. Our goal is to make you safer, and we’ll do it quickly, easily and with affordable costs.

So, don’t hesitate. Get started today to find the appropriate home insurance. Call us at (713) 771-2626, get a quote online, or visit any of 27 convenient locations in the Houston area.


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